You’re Smarter than You Think in Conserving Victoria TX Electricity

by admin on June 16, 2010

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To compare Victoria Texas residential electric rates and companies simply use the zip code tool to the right. This comparison chart compares residential electric rates and companies in an apples to apples comparison. A Texas residential energy consultant is available to answer any questions about deposit amounts, credit checks, and negotiations on lowering residential electricity deposits in Texas.

Just when you thought you were one of the smartest consumers in the neighborhood in trying to conserve electricity along comes a college town that makes you look like a piker. The difference may be that this college town of Boulder, Colo has $100 million to fund its experiment called SmartGridCity.  The money is coming from the federal stimulus package – part of $30 billion for developing smart grids and expanding the use of renewable resources. 

The local utility, Xcel Energy Inc. is running the program which includes making dishwashers to run only when wind power is available to going on line to compare how much electric power you used to get the old hot tub up to the comfortable dipping level than it did the night before.  And there is so much more to come and some of it will leave you wondering “is that possible.’  But when you are spending $100 million to delve into your use of the local Victoria TX electric providers you have to be prepared to be impressed. 

The experiment – the first of its kind of a smart grid in this country – comes at a critical time:  Congress has declared that modernizing the electric system one of its top priority.  Smart grids comprise the core of these efforts. Starting now, about 10,000 consumers use several of the smart grid’s features on a trial basis; much of the regulating and monitoring of electrical resources will be down through a Web portal. 

There have been a few surprises, but what do you expect when nothing like this has been tried before. Few of the participants in the experiment have complained about the confusion that many of the advanced features create. Some folks with that extra freezer, faced with giving it up, suddenly were the environmentalists they thought they were. Others look at it a challenge to keep their numbers low. One customer unplugged his toaster to save every little bit of a kilowatt-hour he could. 

But that’s okay in an experiment. It has to be too hard on something’s and it has to be a little bit of fun on others.  But the goal is most serious.  What do we do if our Victoria TX electricity companies don’t have the product that we take for granted?  Tough it out! Use the comparison tool to compare rates across providers before you opt for a provider. People who get their power from Victoria TX electricity retailers don’t think so. Those providers have the reputation of always delivering the best.

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