Killeen TX Electric Providers Want You to Know How to Save Money

by admin on September 10, 2010

Killeen TX electric providers are all interested in seeing customers save money and reduce their energy demands. Here are some tips they have offered that will cost nothing to implement and over time, accomplish the mutual goals.

One tip is too simple to ignore. Turn off lights when not in the room. Along those same lines, if a room is not currently being used, close the vents and shut the door. Heating and cooling are part of the most demanding and expensive challenges for all of the Killeen TX electricity companies. This is why where you set your thermostat can have a tremendous influence on your savings and them being able to meet peak demands.

It is recommended to set it in the summer months between 78 degrees and 80 degrees. For winter months a temperature between 68 – 70 degrees is the most efficient. It is very realistic to make incremental changes each week to acclimatize your family and work towards those savings. Very impressive savings can be had if you turn off the air conditioning when the home will be empty and setting it at 55 degrees to prevent burst pipes in the winter. Setting the thermostat to higher or lower settings hoping to get comfortable quickly is fruitless. Remember, the unit is either on or off.

Killeen TX electricity rates can now be chosen by consumers. With the deregulation of the Texas electric companies there are many choices. Go to the website and get a quick comparison of what each company offers by using the tool available for this purpose. Then ask for a list of other cost-saving tips it suggests.

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